Bio: Tarynn Witten received her AB in Mathematics & Physics (Boston University), her MS in Mathematical Physics (Indiana University) and her PhD in Theoretical Biophysics & Medicine (SUNY at Buffalo). She is currently working on her BFA in Sculpture & Painting at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). She holds multiple faculty appointments at VCU where she serves as the Director of Research & Development and Associate Professor of Biological Complexity at the Center for the Study of Biological Complexity and as Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine. As a complexity theorist, she integrates the fields of Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science and Biomedicine to understand the behavior of complex biological and biomedical systems.
Artist's Statement: Tarynn's images are derived from the multifaceted interplay of her experience in the arts and sciences and her exploration of emergence through the interactions of both the artistic materials that she chooses and the scientific constructs of her formal training. Her work explores the beauty and conflict that arises from the juxtaposition of mathematical constructs, concepts of physics and living systems.